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How can I exercise tired limbs and joints without causing pain?
Some more gentle ideas to help cope with Coronavirus. Most of these can be done whilst sitting.

A simple way to exercise without stressing muscles and joints too much is to
use a simple stress test. This is important because if you cause pain you will not want to continue and as we are all limited in what we are allowed to do it relates to all of us especially the older people who may be cooped up indoors.

Sitting in your favourite chair place your right hand – in a fist – in your left
hand and push one against the other. Make sure that you are pushing against the muscle and not stressing the shoulder joint, push as hard as you feel comfortable with and repeat this several time but do not over do it!

And alternative exercise is to clench your finger so that the hands are opposite and pull against the muscle – not the joint. Tensing like this will keep the muscles working and the blood moving, it is good for your arms and for your chest. Because you are pulling or pushing against your own muscles you are less likely to overdo it.

Maintaining mobility is important.

Whilst standing close to a supporting chair gently rotate your upper body from the waist to the left and back and to the front and back, do not over rotate, stop when you feel you have gone far enough.

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Each day add on one extra rotation and gently go a little farther around. This exercise done gently will improve your ability to rotate and will help to keep you nimble.

Standing close to a window or elsewhere in the fresh air. Standing or sitting. Bring your hands in front of you at full stretch of your arms, pretend you are swimming the breast stroke and take your hands and arms backward whilst doing so inhale a lung full of clean air, repeat this five or ten times.

Healthy fresh air will keep your lungs working. People tend to only inhale a few percent of clean air when they are sitting or indoors a lot. Remembering to full inflate your lungs will push oxygen into your blood and you will feel happier.

These are gentle exercises designed to keep you healthy even if you are unable to do anything more vigorous. Always stop if you feel unwell or in any pain.

Always follow doctor’s orders. With all of the above, should you feel unwell stop!

>>>> Check here for more info about Coronavirus Emergency Response Plan <<<<

Author: Roger Langley

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