Over 60 and Worried about COVID -19?

People are right to be worried this is a pandemic that is sweeping the entire world but there is always hope.

The virus will pass, and some semblance of normality will resume. Many people of the older generation have experienced catastrophes before, life does continue, so try to stay positive.Natural and manmade disasters come and go, if you are reading this and over 60, 70, 80 and more you have seen a great deal of hardship in your life already, this will soon pass into memory!

It is important for older people to remain calm and keep mentally stimulated as well as taking such exercise as is practical for them.A daily mental work-out will enable you to keep a sense of proportion. Many ofus learned a non-native language at school, why not try and recall the lessons that you experienced and use the telephone to have a chat with a like minded friend.

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Music including singing is something many of us learned as children, pick up your instrument (only if it is not a piano!!) if you have one, dust it off and workout those tunes of old, maybe your neighbours will join in across the street and you can all have fun – together whilst apart. Using the memory to recall and then vocalise songs is good fun.

All of these ideas will stimulate the brain.

Gardening and horticulture is wonderful therapy, and growing fruit and vegetables is a fine way to eat healthily, but why not go a step further and plant something new, read up and learn something about new plants etc that you would not normally grow, providing you can buy the seed by means other than going to a shop- mail order or online- this is great fun for anyone with green fingers.

Don’t forget to plant bee friendly flowers and shrubs, without the bees and butterflies we will not have any plants at all.Finding it hard to live without seeing loved ones?

Where possible remember that cell phones and similar electronic gadgets do allow not only voice communication, but some will let you see the faces of the other parties. So, calling family in the same town or the far side of the planet via the internet can be easy, Skype and other platforms will enable you to see who you are talking to. Not sure how it works? No worries, finding out will stimulated your brain. Clue. YouTube may have a demo film for you to follow, check online.

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Silent days?

It is hard for people who have always chatted to one another to findthey are isolated and can no longer have contact. Even if you have to lean out ofa bedroom window, talk across the back yard or garden fence it is still possible to chat – the rule of social distancing means there must be 2metres or more between people – 7feet plus– but that is attainable with care.

Covid -19 is a fact of life but so is its eventual decline and disappearance. People have lived through worse, ask a person who lived through an earthquake,bombing in Syria etc., those people have seen terrible times, but hope does spring eternally. Take care to stay safe. Follow all guidelines for your safety and that of your loved ones. Keep well and stay alert.

For the older people in society keep your faith, keep an active mind, be creative and take exercise – safely.
Please, note. The writer of this piece is 75 and rising!

Author: Roger Langley

>>>> Check here for more info about Coronavirus Emergency Response Plan <<<<

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