The 2020 COVID-19 Virus

Turn the news on and you will see constant updates on how the latest CoronaVirus (COVID-19) has quickly spread throughout the world.

With no current vaccine to combat each CoronaVirus mutation, it is no big surprise individuals around the world and even the World Health Organization ( WHO) are getting stressed.

To help keep you educated, we have created the Ultimate Guide to Surviving the 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak.

Packed full of researched data, this guide helps you cut through the piles of misinformation and assist you with understanding the risks and how best to protect yourself and your family right now.

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WorldWide Reach

"This is the first pandemic caused by a coronavirus. And we have at no other time seen a pandemic that can be controlled, at the same time. "

"In the past two weeks, the number of cases of COVID-19 outside China has increased 13-overlap"

WHO Director-General

There is no sugar coating the fact that the COVID-19 virus strain is nasty.

It has spread like wildfire from person to person and can now be found on every habitable continent on Earth.

44,000,000+ Cases Globally

"In the days and weeks ahead, we hope to see the number of cases, the number of deaths, and the number of affected countries climb considerably higher."

WHO Director-General

Our guide and flourishing members area has been set up to give you a simple purpose of contact and source of information.

It will assist you with understanding the risks, discover how best to protect yourself, and your friends and family during this difficult time

Real Time Active World Map Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases 

You can click on the "Confirmed Cases by Country" and check detail info of each country affected separately. 

Health officials accept the outbreak originated in a large animal and seafood market in Wuhan, China.


"Coronavirus" have been around since the dawn of time (the most ongoing regular ancestor dating back to 8000 BCE ), but it was distinctly in the 1960's that the first Coronaviruses were discovered.

They were first discovered in chickens as an infectious bronchitis virus and later in humans who displayed the symptoms of a typical virus. These human mutations were alluded to as human Coronavirus 229E and human Coronavirus OC43....

The latest mutation, dubbed COVID-19, is a particularly nasty strain that has spread quicker and further than any past outbreak.

World Health Officials have linked this latest Coronavirus outbreak to a live animal and seafood nourishment market called the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. Based in Jianghan District, Wuhan, Hubei region, China. This is the largest market of it's kind in Central China and has around 1000 stalls spread over an area of roughly nine football fields. Although the stalls mainly trade in seafood, a great deal of increasingly colorful and illegal 'bushmeat' varieties are available.


Information is Power

In a situation like this, being prepared and having confirmed information is so important.

Our continually updated members area has all the latest breaking news, video guides and officially released information - all in the one easy to use place.


“We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad,”

Nancy Messonnier - Director of immunization and respiratory diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

“I am officially declaring a national emergency, two very big words,”

Donald Trump - Current US President

"Patients who cannot be treated are left to die."

Giorgio Gori, mayor of a Bergamo, italy - Twitter

"up to 10 per cent of all those infected with coronavirus need intensive care"

Italian Doctor Warning - Independent

The world is in "uncharted territory"

World Health Organization (WHO)

The world is in "uncharted territory"

World Health Organization (WHO)

"worst health crisis in a generation"

Boris Johnson -British Prime Minister

“Without any containment measures, technically it can spread to the whole population."

Yanzhong Huang, public health researcher at the Council on Foreign Relations and director of the Center for Global Health Studies at Seton Hall University.

The stock market dropped so fast today that a “circuit-breaker” was tripped, putting a complete stop to all buying and selling.

Matt Clark- Amazing

Ultimate Guide to Surviving the 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak

Packed full of researched data, this guide helps you cut through the piles of misinformation and help you understand the risks and how best to protect yourself and your family in this trying time.